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The recordings of Bloodless Mushroom are paintings created with sound.

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2017 Album Release: Oreades

Oreades by Bloodless Mushroom Album Cover

A collection of 15 ambient electronic soundscapes describing the vastness of the universe.

While the previous album, "Moss" was entirely sequenced, all sounds on Oreades are recorded takes of synthesizers being played live.

Cover art "Oxidallion 8a" by Suzanne Champion.

1. Lunar Eclipse (2:56)
2. Solar Winds (3:09)
3. Derelicts (2:45)
4. Methane Sea (2:33)
5. Event Horizon (2:41)
6. Comet Dust (2:23)
7. Shimmering Rings (2:03)
8. Distant Signals (2:18)
9. Variable Star (2:09)
10. Micrometeorites (2:28)
11. Photosphere (3:07)
12. Magnetosphere (2:09)
13. Cosmic Microwave (3:06)
14. Heliopause (2:42)
15. Orbital Bombardment (3:34)

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