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Spores (2000)

Spores by Bloodless Mushroom Album Cover

This disc was primarily (but not fully) composed using algorithmic music software that used fractals and cellular automata to compose music. Computer-generated music tends to lack movement and direction, but I have done my best to keep things sonically interesting in these tracks.

1. Reversed Palindrome (5:04)
2. Forest of Worlds (7:54)
3. Nebulous (6:07)
Stillness in 5 movements:
4. I - Frenzied Relaxation (1:33)
5. II - Stationary Journey (1:46)
6. III - Misdirected Turnabout (2:08)
7. IV - Hyperinactivity (1:47)
8. V - Spiral Motionlessness (2:26)
9. Plastic Wisdom (0:55)
10. Pnunk (Noise Remix) (2:22)
11. Caffeine Earthquake (0:46)
12. First and Final (8:39)
13. Solace (3:33)

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Some of the tracks from Spores (spiral motionlessness, reversed palindrome, hyperinactivity, misdirected turnabout, pnunk, and frenzied relaxation) were further modified and embellished by Dr. Kilpatient and included on the Prototype IV soundtrack. The disc also includes another song in the same vein called "The Conflict". Go here for more information.