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The recordings of Bloodless Mushroom are paintings created with sound.

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Crossing The Sands (Game Soundtrack)

2024 Album Release: Crossing The Sands (Game Soundtrack)

Crossing The Sands (Game Soundtrack) by Bloodless Mushroom Album Cover


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Soundtrack to the role-playing video game Crossing The Sands

The soundtrack to the Crossing The Sands dungeon crawler RPG contains a collection of songs inspired by Arabic and Mediterranean scales and instruments. Composed and produced by Bloodless Mushroom, these tunes are meant to evoke a bit of the mid-1990's feel, an era when game soundtracks contained MIDI meant to be played through hardware synthesizers such as the Roland SC-88.

Each area of the game has its own feel and style, with some being tranquil, others mysterious, and others agitated to a state a near-panic. Listen now to experience the full range of ambience.

Cover art by Ane Bonazza.

Track List

1. Main Menu (2:00)
2. Intro (1:31)
3. Mountain Passage (3:50)
4. Western Desert (3:33)
5. Northern Desert (3:19)
6. Bandit Cave (2:21)
7. Grand City (4:34)
8. Eastern Desert (3:30)
9. Nomad Camp (3:27)
10. Central Plateau (4:45)
11. Lesser Desert (3:58)
12. Forgotten City (4:30)
13. City of Assassins (3:20)
14. Grand Oasis (2:28)
15. Ratkin Stronghold (6:22)
16. Hidden Caves (5:39)
17. Arcane City (5:30)
18. Arcane Palace (4:37)
19. Death (0:34)
20. Credits (1:53)

Release Date: April 19, 2024

UPC: 198470743098

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