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The recordings of Bloodless Mushroom are paintings created with sound.


2019 Album Release: Fissolimbus

Fissolimbus by Bloodless Mushroom Album Cover

A short EP of six instrumentals.

Fissolimbus is the story of the discovery of a mystical device in a state of disrepair. After repairing the device, its discoverers find a way to activate it, leading to disastrous consequences.

Cover art by Jacqueline Hyde.

1. An Unexpected Discovery (1:01)
2. Reassembly (2:07)
3. Activating the Device (2:50)
4. Static (2:11)
5. Crumbling Dimensions (2:08)
6. Incandescent Dust (3:02)

Release Date: June 18, 2019

UPC: 194171364594

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