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2016 Album Release: Lichen

Lichen by Bloodless Mushroom Album Cover


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A double-and-then-some album of meditative electronic music. A relaxing zen garden consisting of two and a half hours of contemplative music.

The Story

I was working on a MIDI file playback application and got the timing code completely wrong. The result was a strange reinterpretation of the test MIDI files I was using (mostly turn-of-the-millennium fractal music files from the Bloodless Mushroom archives). Some of these results were too interesting to ignore, so I recorded this album in the course of a single day. Editing took another day.

Each track is named for one of the physical forms of lichen.

The first four tracks are the same song but recorded with different orchestration.

All tracks are synthesizer with no live instruments. Tracks 1, 2, and 7 were created using a Yamaha TG77 synthesizer. 3 and 4 were created with a Roland Fantom XR. 6 used a Kawai K5000W. 5 used the "MIDI Mapper" built into Windows.

Cover art by nature and Jason Champion.

Track List

1. Filamentous (Arboreal) (42:17)
2. Filamentous (Stonebound) (41:49)
3. Filamentous (Windborne) (42:23)
4. Filamentous (Earthbound) (19:35)
5. Foliose (3:40)
6. Fruticose (2:51)
7. Crustose (8:01)

Release Date: Oct. 30, 2016