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2015 Album Release: Marasmius

Marasmius by Bloodless Mushroom Album Cover


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An album of otherworldly synthesizer-driven ambient electronic music with songs titled in honor of mycologists who have made discoveries in the Marasmius genus.

Cover art by Suzanne Champion and Jason Champion.

Track List

1. Velvet Parachute (3:59)
2. Takahashi (2:09)
3. Quélet (3:08)
4. Montagne (5:27)
5. Gilliam (7:57)
6. Scopoli (6:50)
7. Cleland (3:08)
8. Hennings (8:09)
9. Desjardin and Hemmes (7:38)
10. Pinwheels (21:13)

Release Date: May 2, 2015

UPC: 889211572885