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2017 Album Release: Moss

Moss by Bloodless Mushroom Album Cover

A surreal symphony consisting of 13 tracks of instrumental electronic classical music.

I consider this work to be my sphagnum opus.

Cover art by Jason Champion.

This album is dedicated to the poet laureate Alvin Krinst, without whom it would not have been possible. Thank you.

1. Ferns (2:26)
2. Mossdwellers (3:50)
3. Drifting Snow (5:28)
4. Stalactites (5:36)
5. Loam (3:20)
6. Glass Electrons (4:17)
7. Ursine (5:44)
8. The Climb (5:32)
9. Tracking (2:41)
10. Vines (2:24)
11. Suspension (3:45)
12. The Ogress (9:34)
13. Melting Ice (4:55)

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Release Date: Feb. 6, 2017

UPC: 191061346340