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2018 Album Release: Omphalotus

Omphalotus by Bloodless Mushroom Album Cover


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Postmodern neoclassical synthesizer music with a chiptune feel.

Any resemblance between these song titles and actual words in any language is purely coincidental.

Cover art by Suzanne Champion.

Track List

1. Brompe (2:29)
2. Gelmo (4:02)
3. Zonston (2:16)
4. Pangotas (7:50)
5. Samkophan (2:26)
6. Monyu (1:19)
7. Solg (3:25)
8. Lowcra (5:58)
9. Trut (4:27)

Release Date: Feb. 1, 2018

UPC: 191924565628