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2020 Album Release: Tessellatus

Tessellatus by Bloodless Mushroom Album Cover


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Tessellatus is an avant-garde classical album.

Tessellatus is a soundtrack to the forest floor. This instrumental album is a collection of surreal avant-garde classical music played by a synthesized orchestra.

Artwork by Tomasz Kordowski.

Track List

1. The Forest Floor (2:24)
2. In The Shadows (7:43)
3. The Living Soil (5:32)
4. Fruiting Bodies (1:59)
5. Spreading Spores (4:19)
6. Lycoriella (1:14)
7. Renewal (8:25)
8. Megaselia (4:07)
9. Dispersal (2:16)
10. Heavy Rains (7:21)
11. Mycetes (2:01)
12. Hypsizygus (4:52)

Release Date: June 26, 2020

UPC: 195079573026